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Red Velvet Cake

Fay Jai

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Red velvet cake + cream cheese icing = what ice cream?

Something to compliment or contrast cleanly. Whenever the owner at work knows her daughter and family are coming into town a red velvet cake w/ cream cheese icing is requested. They're coming into town next week and I was thinking maybe I'd do an ice cream to go with it as a surprise. For some reason I can't get this one sorted out in my head. I don't want to do a cream cheese ice cream with the cream cheese icing. I don't really want to do vanilla but I'm not ruling it out. I was considering buttermilk but I'm not sure how that will go over with the people who will be eating it... some of them are the owners grandkids. Maybe a very mild chocolate? The color of the cake often has people unfamiliar with it asking if it's strawberry or raspberry so maybe one of those to put the mouth and eyes on the same page? There's probably something obvious that I'm thinking myself into overlooking so I'm turning to the people who always come through when my brain goes on strike.

I don't know why or when it started, but in my family we always have chocolate chip ice cream with red velvet cake. I like the little hit of chocolate with the slightly chocolate-y cake.

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No one eating any sweets over Easter?

I made passion fruit and lime souffle today. They came out pretty well all be it I didn't get them to come up straight.

Flavour wise I wish i'd gone with 2 passionfruit instead of 1 and more lime juice as I felt they lacked a bit of flavour.


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It's my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow and I wanted to make him a red velvet cake (his favourite). 


I've never made it before - does anyone have any tips/could point me in the direction of a good recipe! 


Thanks a lot :)

website: www.cookscook.co.uk

email: sophie@cookscook.co.uk

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