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trashy korean

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Yakgwa was never good we just didn't know better.  :biggrin:

I loved that stuff when I was little. It was considered sort of expensive and a special treat. But then I tried chocolate chip cookies...

Generally speaking I'd have to agree. Especially in the sweets arena, the western desserts are far better in my mind. Difference has to be butter.

On the salty side who could beat potato chips... :smile:

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geez - looks like everybody loves Shin Cups! (or bowls).

They make a great lunch or light meal, with a few leftovers sliced in. But those few slivers of dried kimchi need improvement. As a neophyte, I'll be trying to make my own after a library search. I am really looking for a recipe that is not too sweet, and will last for two or three weeks in the fridge. Any suggestions?

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halalsushi (love the name btw) - i'm sure there are ramen shops around in heavily Korean areas, but none that i have seen. You can find a lot of the varieties of dried ramen at various stores here tho.

jayt90 - the shin cups have dried kimchee in them? i didn't even notice - i jsut remember the dried chive and mushrooms.

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i think making kimchi is fairly simple, altho i don't know how.

i tired to do a quick search for you, because surely there is a recipe soemwhere on this site, but we talk about kimchi entirely too much around here, and i wasn't able to find anything specific.

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jja jang myun

Jja jang myun, mmmmmm...... Heaven. :wub:

Frau Farbissma: "It's a television commercial! With this cartoon leprechaun! And all of these children are trying to chase him...Hey leprechaun! Leprechaun! We want to get your lucky charms! Haha! Oh, and there's all these little tiny bits of marshmallow just stuck right in the cereal so that when the kids eat them, they think, 'Oh this is candy! I'm having fun!'"
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all over seoul, at any number of fast food joints, you can buy something called a bulgogi burger. i like the <a href="http://www.lotteria.com/upload/product/up_grade01.JPG">one at lotteria</a>. its about usd$2.5.

and these days you can "upgrade" to the $5 version using korean "HanWoo" beef called the <a href="http://www.lotteria.com/upload/product/HanwooBulgogiB.jpg">han-u bulgogi burger</a>...

i think it can be made at home by cooking up a burger patty and boiling down bulgogi marinade in a pan, but that would just be too much effort for junk food.... but oh, it is so so so good and dammit, today i am CRAVING one so badly...

dear burger, why are you so far away from me??

<a href="http://www.lotteria.com/Lotteria/RiaProduct/ProductMenu/Burger.jsp">lotterias current burger offerings</a>

"Bibimbap shappdy wappdy wap." - Jinmyo
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Finally found this thread to post our lunch for today. Rice bulgogi burger from Lotteria.


Sorry for already biting into it. Hubby suggested I take a picture after I have already gnawed on it.


The burger meat is passable. I like the addition of bacon strips and pickles, but I usually pick out the pickles and eat them separately. The rice bun is a bit hard to hold on to, as it gets slippery with the sauce (mayo/bulgogi sauce).

On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a good 6. :wub:

Doddie aka Domestic Goddess

"Nobody loves pork more than a Filipino"

eGFoodblog: Adobo and Fried Chicken in Korea

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You can make a bulgogi burger with ground beef seasoned with bulgogi marinade, form it into patties, chill, onto the grill or into the frying pan.

Some burgers or sandwiches are made with regular bulogogi.

when i still lived at my parents, after a long night of clubbing, one of my staples would be a grilled bulgogi/melted cheese/tomato sauce toasted sandwich..

now i'm hungry!

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