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Wine quiz too frilly: now the beer quiz

Gifted Gourmet

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Do they have a guy's version of this wine test?

Jason Perlow

Could not locate one but there is this:

I didn't stop to consider that the wine quiz was so heavily in favor of the females who took it ...And there has been a bit of discussion on the lack of something appropriately masculine ... hence the new thread .... new quiz ... special thanks to tanabutler for offering the URL ...

So, without further ado, and seeing how much people here seem to enjoy the art of the quiz, here is the beer quiz, for anyone who wishes to give it a try ...

the beer quiz :wink:

If you get this message, don't despair, simply try again later .. it does connect on occasion! :laugh:

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Melissa Goodman aka "Gifted Gourmet"

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I found the beer quiz to be demeaning to all beer enthusiasts. Beer deserves as much respect as wine. The stereotypes depicted in the quiz only serve to perpetuate the belief that the only use for beer is to become sloppily intoxicated.

"There's a whole lotta things I ain't never done, but I ain't never had too much fun" Commander Cody

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