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New Products and Packagings


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A few items of interest.

Among them:

  • Absolut Rasberri

*Absolut will launch its latest flavor, Absolut Raspberri, in August. Absolut's sixth so far, the new flavor will appear on shelves in a red bottle, "reinforcing the passionate intensity and ripeness of raspberries," the company says. Available in 50 ml, 750 ml, 1 liter and 1.75 liter bottles.

  • Zuidam gins

*Two new high-end gins from Holland are now being brought into the U.S. by Third Coast Importing. Zuidam Dry Gin contains nine botanicals, which are each distilled separately and then married together. The gin is then aged before bottling. Zuidam Genever Gin is made in the traditional Dutch style, resulting in a slightly sweeter taste and a malty undertone. The gins carry suggested retail prices of $28 to $30.

Clickety here to read more and see the slick bottle/packaging designs. :cool:


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I'm on the fence with the abso Razperri. It's got a very intense nose, chambord like really, and it'll fill a good bit of a small room with the aroma, but it's still got that absolut attack on the palate. Stoli Raz, Vox Raz, and the rest who got there first-est with the mostest have made a soft, Hi-ball/martini friendly Raz flavored vodka. This is NOT Absolut's methodology at all. The fruit expression is intense to be sure, but the mouthfeel and "alcoholi-ness" is equal to the task. This is not a solo player or even a lead guitarist. This dude needs a choir to fit in.

I've tasted the Absolut Raz around town and nearly everyone I've talked to has had 'trouble' with it--as far as sales. I'm getting my first bottle tomorrow and will spend the weekend trying to get it to 'play well with others'. I'm thinking this guy is ripe for 'floating', where the aroma can tickle the nose w/o messing with the mouth. We'll see.........

Regarding packaging: Give it up, Absolut. Put it in a clear bottle like everything else. The cheese factor is a de-tractor.


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September/October 2004's notables: Details? Clickety Here.

-Absolut's Level Vodka holiday gift set

-Player's Extreme Caramel Vodka (Blavod)

-Vintage dated whiskey: Knappogue Castle Irish Single Malt 1994

-Suntory (Lost in Translation fans) Yamazaki 18 year old Single Malt Whisky

-Glenmorangie introduction of Burgundy wood finished Single Malt Scotch

-Ireland's Borzu Crazberry Vodka

-Finlandia's Mango Fusion Vodka


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