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a good tarte flambee

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Ever since our visit to Alsace, probably about 10 years ago, I've been looking for a good Tarte Flambee...

No one in the NY/Philadelphia area makes it.

Not even the French chefs.

I've posted on NY egullet looking for it.

On our recent visits to Paris and other parts of France we've had it, but it isn't the same unless you are right in the heart of Alsace!

My husband has tried to make it at home, and although he is a very good cook and it was delicious, it was more of an "onion and bacon pie" than a true Tart Flambee.

Philly Francophiles

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make a batch of pizza dough.

make little balls around 4oz

refridgerate until cold

roll out paper thin using ample flour

use some fromage blanc or some ricotta at worst and make the topping

add some heavy cream

an egg

salt and pepper

a few pinches of flour

it should be thin, but thicker than heavy cream.

slice onions paper thin on a mandeline or using a honed hand

make julienne lardons using bacon strips (the best acceptable sub)

heat baking stone to 900 degrees (ok a little high so just max out your oven)

get peel with cornmeal ready

place dough, then some onions/bacon, then the sauce

bake as quickly as possible

between the flour and the egg the sauce should not run

bon ap

edit: don't forget the sylvaner...

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