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Pimm's #1


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actually i went on a little hunt around here just for you tommy - i tasted some sparkling lemonade from Lorina a few weeks back when we had product samples. they might be a very worthwhile option - not to sweet, fairly lemon-y and bubbly. you should be able to find it at whole foods or something....


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Not sure what you get your side of the pond but here the 2 that are most popular are Schweppes and Whites, with the latter being the best (claear cheap lemonade)

Once tried making it with Fentiman's Victorian Lemonade (which is about 1 or 2% alc and it was filthy!). I did a Google search for White's in the US and came across a review about Pimms and the person was bemoaning not finding "UK" lemonade. It did say that something called "French Limonade", whilst expensive, was the best substitute.

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SanPellegrino Limonata cut with a bit of sparkling water or club soda is a decent approximation. Although my point of reference is the stuff was from a huge English summer event. For all I know, I was drinking some second-rate concoction.

Stephen Bunge

St Paul, MN

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probably not interesting in the least, but i was just searching for some info on something else, and came across my first post about pimms. this is from a couple of years ago, and the thread itself is actually worthy of review. here.

this was back in the day when egullet had about 300 members. :laugh:

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A pleasant twist is to mix it with ginger ale rather than lemonade.

I think borage is the traditional accompaniment, but cucumber is a good substitute and avoids the embarrassing phenomenon of guests asking you why there is a hairy plant growing in their drink. Slices of orange and lemon good too - you can marinade the fruit in the Pimm's for a few hours before adding the mixer. I like some mint too, but I'm not sure how traditional this is. Strawberries are over the top, as far as I'm concerned.

I also like Plymouth Fruit Cup, which is stronger than Pimm's and has a more bitter flavour.

I never knew Pimm's was popular in New Orleans. You go, New Orleans!

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Traditionally three of fizzy lemonade to one of Pimms; ice.

Strips of cucumber (the skin, not slices), and blue borage flowers.

Some add mint, orange slices and other fruit, but its a mistake.

Originally (well, not originally, but in th late 1940's after the war)

No. 1 cup is Gin based.

No. 2 Scotch,

No. 3 Brandy,

No. 4 rum,

No. 5 rye

No. 6 vodka.

The only one of the variants, besides No. 1 still in production is No. 6, although this is made in much smaller quantities than the original No. 1 cup. No number, just has "Vodka base" as a diagonal purple stripe on the label.

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there is also a popular New York cocktail called Cel-Ray cup. It's a

take on a Pimm's cup but instead of ginger ale, Dr. Browns Cel-ray soda

is substituted. Outstanding and refreshing garnished w/ a celery stalk.

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Another Pimms thread

Includes a recipe for fake Pimms:

I expect the recipe for homemade or cheat's Pimms is well known, but I will repeat it anyway:

two parts 40% gin

two parts red vermouth

one part orange Curacao (or other orange liquer like Cointreau)

Some add 1 part sweet sherry or port. Some add bitters.

Mix with lemonade etc like Pimms

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I'll put another vote in for the Plymouth fruit cup. But I might be biased as Plymouth is my Gin of choice too.

I did go off pimms for a while after making it for several hundred people too (That's a LOT of cucumber, and I HATE cucumber!)

I love animals.

They are delicious.

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Whenever the summer rolls around, it inevitably leads to Pimms.

Personally, I dislike Pimms, as it give another opportunity for people with no idea about cocktails to offer up their unconsidered opinion at the bar.

Garnish: strawberries, mint sprigs, cucumber strips, orange quarter-slices, lemon slices, etc.

Do bartenders really appreciate the annual visit from the Pimm's connoisseur?

On top of all that, I don't enjoy the taste. Something to do with it being a waste of mixer. Sparkling lemonade, and ginger beer, are just as refreshing without the addition of Pimms.

I am English, and true Englishmen drink beer on a summer's day, while watching some sort of sporting event (or travesty, if it is an England Football match).

What of the Pimm's muddlers? The poor folk who muddle the fruit garnish in the bottom of the glass, before adding ice, pimms and mixers? Could I despise them more?

What of the Pimm's shakers? Yes they exist. The waste of energy that this entails. Shaking a Pimm's is madness.

Wouldn't people enjoy a jug of Sherry Cup shared with friends? rather than some devious marketing ploy to shift units?



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