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WTN:2000 Domenico Clerico Dolcetto Langhe “Visadi”

Jean Brislance

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2000 Domenico Clerico Dolcetto Langhe “Visadi” – Opened this to help finish off a little leftover sausage and fusili. Dark reddish purple in color. I really like the aroma of Dolcetto, as there is usually this nice dusty, powdery quality that I enjoy so much, and this did not disappoint. The nose is quite aromatic, and very pretty to smell, with red berry, grape, floral perfume, and dust. Flavors also show some nice red berry, but also some earthy herbs, licorice, and minerals. The tannins are soft and powdery, and the finish is very clean, leaning towards the herbal side. What can be said? It is just a nice, tasty food wine for about $15.

All the best,


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