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Wendy DeBord

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I realise that you have pureed the blackberries, but next time you should consider making blackberry and raspberry ying and yang tarts or tartlettes. I use a butter crust, filled with grand marnier or chambord flavored pastry cream and glaze the berries with a strained cooked raspberry jam.

You could also fill them with a lime curd and top with the berries.

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I had a lovely blackberry-ginger scone once. I think it used candied, rather than fresh ginger.

When I was young we lived across the street from a lot full of feral blackberries. We would pick quarts and quarts and my mother would make what my dad called "seed pie". Fool property owner planted blue spruce and shaded out all the blackberries. Sigh.

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I love berries with passionfruit. I make blackberry tarts w/ passionfruit curd and drape candied citrus over the top.. yum. naturally in the Pac NW we pair it with hazelnuts, apple, pear, quince. any citrus. cranberries. and mango!! it's awesome with tropical fruits.

Melissa McKinney

Chef/Owner Criollo Bakery


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a peach/nectarine and blackberry cobbler with a sweet ginger crumbly topping and vanilla ice cream.... yum!

...wine can of their wits the wise beguile, make the sage frolic, and the serious smile. --Alexander Pope

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I have a Tart recipe for a Chocolate mousse with a blackberry blend. It calls for a semi sweet chocolate ganache with a small amount of blackberry puree folded in. PM me if you would like the recipe.

Fred Rowe

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Blackberry-&-Apple Pie -- one of the classics of England in late Summer, when the hedgerows are full of blackberries. It will bring a tear to the eye of the staunchest expatriate. (I use Empire apples.)

Use plums & blackberries for a less-sweet variation on strawberry shortcakes. Enhance the fruit-compote filling w/ Crème de cassis.

The flavour of blackberries also succeeds in fruit concoctions which include melon.

Top a custard tart w/ blackberries & raspberries.

Serve them atop maple crème brûlée or, as Nicole Routhier suggests, a margarita mousse.

Mix 1½ cups berries w/ 1 cup granulated sugar & 1/3 cup blackberry brandy; let stand for 2-3 hours; then stir into vanilla I.C. base.

Make a seedless jam and use it as filling for a walnut torte.

Bake a fresh Blackberry Cobbler and serve it w/ Peach I.C.

The local red (& yellow) raspberry season has concluded. I'll be picking wild blackberries next week!

"Dinner is theater. Ah, but dessert is the fireworks!" ~ Paul Bocuse

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I just wanted to bump this in anticipation of the roughly 1 billion tons ( :laugh: ) of the berries my local (secret) patch is getting ready to produce. :rolleyes:

My first couple pints have gone onto shortcakes, macerated for ice cream (with orange and cinnamon) and tossed onto salads. I'm particularly interested in any savory recipes you might have. Someone mentioned a barbeque sauce, and I may try that this weekend.

Thanks in advance!

"Life is a combination of magic and pasta." - Frederico Fellini

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I just realized that this is the baking forum, so I'll also bump a blackberry thread in the cooking forum for savory items.

"Life is a combination of magic and pasta." - Frederico Fellini

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When I was dating someone who was much more into food, I would take

1/2 cup to 1 cup red wine

1/4 to 1/2 cup sugar, brown sugar, honey

several strong dashes cinnamon

pinch salt


boil to syrup consistency. Cool. Top with creme fraiche.

Actually, I plied that on some other women, too. Much better than a line in a bar. Good recipe, that one.

You could do something really similar in a pastry shell.

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I always attempt to have the ratio of my intelligence to weight ratio be greater than one. But, I am from the midwest. I am sure you can now understand my life's conundrum.

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I just made an Apricot galette with a pistachio paste filling & topped it with blackberry ice cream. It sold out for lunch.

I also made recently with blackberries..

Nectarine & blackberry crisp with lemon buttermilk ice cream

Blackberry upside down cake with mango coulis & a scoop of lime frozen yogurt

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Blackberries go great with:



Citrus Fruits

Black pepper


Lime (Yeah, OK, Citrus)


Peaches (DUH!)




Star Anise





my 2 cents

edited to add dill

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