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eGullet- What do you think?

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Recently there has been some discussion about how chefs and other food professionals view eGullet. There seems to be a portion that view the forums as a place where uninformed loudmouths can bash restaurants.

Other professionals have embraced eGullet and the Internet as a place to gain good publicity as well as teach and learn (albeit for a bunch of loudmouths :smile:).

How do you see eGullet fit into the culinary landscape?

(You are joining us here so you must not think terrible things of us :raz:)


Ben Schielke

Gimme what cha got for a pork chop!


I have two words for America... Meat Crust.


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i love egullet and for that matter any forum for good discussion and debate on topics dear to our hearts... the only problem, and this goes with anything from larry flint to the ultra christian right, is that thru anonymity a lot of really angry people can take silly pot shots at serious thinkers and doers and the tendency in some cases to drag the whole gutterteetering can take some of the fun out of it... but freedom of expression is our dearest commodity and that is the price we pay to have it...... so bring on the twisted angry food/look/diet/authenticity nazis and let em fry me mb

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