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Airline Food: The Topic


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I've always loved that site!

Overheard at the Zabar’s prepared food counter in the 1970’s:

Woman (noticing a large bowl of cut fruit): “How much is the fruit salad?”

Counterman: “Three-ninety-eight a pound.”

Woman (incredulous, and loud): “THREE-NINETY EIGHT A POUND ????”

Counterman: “Who’s going to sit and cut fruit all day, lady… YOU?”

Newly updated: my online food photo extravaganza; cook-in/eat-out and photos from the 70's

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Traveling out of Houston yesterday in time to prevent getting pounded by Tropical Storm Erin last night, I sat in First Class on Continental. I heard my choices from the people sitting infront of me....Jambalaya (HMMMM) or a Ceasar Salad with shrimp (most likely canned baby shrimp with the vein still in it...YUK). Waiting to order...what happens but the person next to me spills his beer all over me...I get up go to the bathroom and clean myself off (not easy in the 2x2 space). I anxiously get back to my seat, the stewardess comes over and says, we are serving the ceasar salad with shrimp tonight, are you interested? I said, what happen to the jambalya...all gone...

Well I must admit, I was wrong...the salad was a mx of baby lettuce leaves, the shrimp was plentyfull, tasty and clean and the salad dressing was outstanding. Servered with fresh shaved parmesan cheese..... warm bread...and a pretty good slice of apple pie....

shocked.....is all I can say !!!

We know there are tons of bad stories...any good ones to share?


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Air Canada SuperÉlite status. :wub:

On a trip to Kelowna earlier this month,

Salmon and mushroom risotto with snap peas

Looked pretty weird but was very tasty.


Pot roast

Meal on the way back; amazingly enough, it had lots of beefy flavor and it was very tender. Didn't hurt that the plan was one of the newly-renovated 767s with fold-flat beds.


We were also plied with booze, cookies, ice cream etc.

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I agree about Continental. I just flew first class from San Francisco and I got a great lobster cocktail, tasty salad with fresh mozzarella, and an excellent combination of lobster and tilapia in a shellfish sauce with jasmine rice and asparagus. To top it off, I got an ice cream sundae with choice of toppings and an assortment of fresh hot bread. The meal itself was restaurant quality and I was quite pleased.

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Contenentials new TV commercials indicate that food, pillows, blankets and magazines are what sets them apart from the other airlines....their tag line is something like...what you would expect from an airline. Even my friend in business class said the chicken sandwhich was pretty good

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I thought this article on flight attendents for American govt official flights (such as Air Force One with the president, etc) might be interesting to this topic, as they talk about meals on some of the flights:

...when Airman Fauci contacted the defense secretary's office to discuss meal preferences for the trip to College Station and back. Pulled-pork sandwiches won out over chicken fettuccini for lunch on the outbound leg. Buffalo chicken salad and steak fajita wraps, the options for the return flight, lost out to chicken Caesar salads.

Joanna G. Hurley

"Civilization means food and literature all round." -Aldous Huxley

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On one leg of our Thanksgiving flights, we were served breakfast: a little bowl of Cheerios, a carton of milk, and a banana. Best airline food I've been served in years.



Oswego, NY

Chemist, writer, hired gun

Say this five times fast: "A big blue bucket of blue blueberries."

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Bumping up this old post.  Flying Austrian airlines Moscow Vienna Washington.  Business class, compliments of frequent flyer miles.  Food was not bad.  They also have a chef but I am not sure what exactly he does since everything is pre cooked.

Coffee in lounge










Pre landing meal 



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China Southern business class from Chengdu to Urumqi: Actually very nice assortment of Sichuan style dishes. Braised beef shin in chili oil, hot & numbing chicken, dumpling in chili oil, steamed pumpkin, chicken and sweet corn soup. I liked it ...



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