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The Review.

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Chef Batali,

First and foremost, thank you very much for donating what little precious free time you must have towards this Q&A session. I'm an enormous admirer.

Bruni's recent review of Babbo in the New York Times has stirred many a heated discussions on various food websites across the country. Three stars is surely something to be incredibly proud of. My question to you is, do you strive for four? Or, as it would seem, are you quite content with Babbo in its current state?

In my eyes, what Bruni felt would push Babbo to 4 stars (the food is already there), is the elimination of things that make Babbo what it is. The energy of Babbo is something I haven't experienced in any other restaurant in New York. Is there a way of maintaining that, while still pushing the atmosphere to the next, more refined, level?

PS – My apologies if it seems as though I’m rambling. It isn’t every day I get a chance to speak to an idol. Oh, and Otto kicks ass.

Much respect,


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hey sash don't take the 3 stars as a demotion it is what we intended to do... i play loud perry farrell at 845 when i am in the mood for exactly that reason... i am in the mood... people who want a focus group experience do not come to babbo ....our art is not by commitee, come to think of it, there is none anyway... we were not insulted by the wise new critic, we were happy he may have edged us into the nearly 4 star category led zeppelin and all it is the food that is the center stage, the acoutrements are added value mb

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