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It's Friday, it's after 5:00 and I think

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It's no longer Friday but I do remember what I mixed up that night. A modified Juniperitivo.

Boodles (The modification. Proscribed, tho not nec. preferred is Junipero)

Lime juice

Pomegranite syrup


I mix the Boodles, lime juice and syrup in a funny but cool shaker made by Alessi, an orb that looks just a little like a tea pot. Let the drink steep in ice while aggresively muddling mint and a hunk of lime zest in a glass. Then mix the drink with the herb and run through a not-so-fine strainer. The result should be pinkish but flecked with tiny pieces of mint. Go lightish on the pomegranite syrup or the drink will be too sweet.

You shouldn't eat grouse and woodcock, venison, a quail and dove pate, abalone and oysters, caviar, calf sweetbreads, kidneys, liver, and ducks all during the same week with several cases of wine. That's a health tip.

Jim Harrison from "Off to the Side"

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