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typically southern beverages

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I had forgotten about Sundrop. I remember visiting NC relatives, during my Va childhood and wondering at Sundrop, which was their drink of choice. Then, in college in Richmond, I had to have a guy I dated at UVA "import" Sundrop from Charlottesville so I could mix it with my bourbon. If you have never had a bourbon and Sundrop and watched a football game on a Saturday afternoon, you have never lived. There was speculation on my hall that I only dated him for his ability to bring me Sundrop.

And yes, they still sell Wink at the Harris Teeter here in Raleigh and it goes VERY well with my bourbon too.

And Yes, my brothers are embarrased that I mix anything but "branch water" with my bourbon!

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You know, Quinn, now that you have asked me about it, I realize that I mispoke. I drink bourbon with Sundrop, vodka with Wink (beach porch sipping drink). Although as Wink is much like Sundrop, it would probably go with bouron similarly.

I really like Wink by itself though, cause it is not as sweet as other lemon-lime type drinks. And it has a bit of a bite. One day I read the ingredients and found out what gives it that bite....pine tar.

So, all you lovers of retsina, try Wink!

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Six ounce Cokes, followed by 10 ounce Pepsi, followed by 12 ounce RC Cola. You can imagine what a poor boy from the south drank. Go RC!

Sun-Drop has to be the most perfect mixer ever created.

How many of you know what a Presbyterian is?

Bourbon, with half ginger ale and half club soda. Not as sweet as a Bourbon and Ginger.

And who can forget moonshine. Twice the kick and half the price of bonded liquor.

Scottie, I've had some really good Damson Plum and Blackberry Brandy from Franklin County!

Back in Rutherford County NC where I grew up, there was a man named "Uncle Amos" who owned Cherry Mountain, which was covered in cherry groves. Every year he had a one week festival where people came from adjoining states to camp and party on Cherry Mountain, and enjoy Uncle Amos'es Cherry Bounce!

Uncle Amos was taken many times before the federal judge in Rutherfordton for illegal moonshine manufacture. One time the judge admonished him and said "we are going to put an end to moonshining in Rutherford County." Uncle Amos replied, "as long as baby boys are born, and water runs downhill, there will be moonshine made in Rutherford County." As far as I know, Uncle Amos was right!

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