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“Experiential” Menu Suggestions


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Nice! Beautiful food, and it looks tasty, as well. Whatever you choose to call it, you definitely can lay claim to being a Foodie or a Gastronaut! Looking forward to more of your posts...

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You are obviously a wonderful hostess. The place settings look gorgeous and the food is beautifully presented. Even if your guests "got it" but it wasn't interesting to them, it's certainly interesting to the captive audience you have here!

Please keep posting! There's a large group of folks here that live vicariously through each other's posted "food porn". :rolleyes:

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You guys are too kind!

To answer a few questions: the carmelized mango wasn't torched (although that sounds interesting); it was carmelized on the stovetop.

The Pike Fish Market wild king salmon was a bit over $100 plus $45 shipping. But, we did get 15 pounds of wonderful salmon, enough to make about 15 nice sized fillets, and enough of the sugar-cured salmon to feed about 30 people (really!). It wasn't "fishy" at all, and it was beautiful. I realized how anemic the fish at the grocery stores around here are.

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thanks for posting the results! i'm glad you have the perspective that you do - despite not achieving the "goal" you had a great time - and had some of our fabulous seattle salmon! will you share your tomato jam recipe??


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Edited to add: Sounds like a great evening. The fish dishes looked marvelous. Not surprising that your guests didn't concern themselves with comparing one salmon dish with the others -- probably just living in the moment :rolleyes:

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