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Web sites that list products

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What are some other Web sites I can use to check the correct names of various eaux de vie, liqueurs, and spirits? I need to confirm spelling, type, etc. but not price. I guess what I'm looking for is the alcohol equivalent of the Cook's Thesaurus. (While the products should be available here in the USA, the site doesn't have to be limited to such products.)

Thanks for the help. :smile:

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I cross reference through Webtender, BevMo, Internet Wines & Spirits, Drink Shop and the actual distiller websites.

Reason being, occassionally I'll find an error -- a small one such as a wee typo or not listing the product by its full name (BevMo is good for this problem). Other problems are liquor classifications. I've noticed from time to time (Internet Wines & Spirits) will include Tennessee Whiskey as Bourbon (DOH!) or that within Vodka you may find Aquavit, Shochu, Soju or even Sake.

Then of course, not every website has all of the distilled products either.

Good luck. I hope some of this helps. :smile:

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Thanks to all of you. This is for a book I'm copyediting.

I started from the list published (in print) by the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association, just because that's what I had at hand. Eventually I remembered about Webtender, and found a few others as well:




And when necessary, I've just googled on the name of the product as I have it, to get to the official site. I'll check out cocktails.com and BevMo as well.

Again, thank you all for your help.

Edit to add: cocktails.com is currently "under construction." :sad: And to Sam, below: this book calls for lots of brand name products, so I want to be sure I've got the entire name correct. Actually, I think with all the sources already suggested, I've got what I need. No need to worry your pretty little head about it. :wink:

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