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Where to buy Gruyere in Denver or Boulder?

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My husband recently discovered Gruyere cheese. We used to buy it as Sam's Club (they actually have some good imported cheeses) but they aren't carrying it any longer. Where can we get some Gruyere in or around Denver?

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I suppose I'd first try the more upscale groceries. Wild Oats and Whole Foods are the two biggies. If not, places like Marczyk, The Truffle, &c. in Denver could help.

If you are in the Boulder area, other than the WO/WF, there are the Boulder Cheese Co. which might have a gruyere, and if not, Cheese Importers in Longmont most assuredly will.

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Good places for cheese:

1. Boulder Cheese Company at 1731 15th Street across the street from Liquor Mart. They have a cave-aged Gruyere.

2. Marczyk Fine Foods at 17th Ave and Clarkson in Denver.

3. Cook's Fresh Market on Belleview in Greenwood Village just south of Denver.

4. New Wild Oats flagship store in Superior off of Hwy 36.

5. Whole Foods. They do not just have "healthy" foods. You can buy triple-cream cheeses here too.

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