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Bordeaux Faces the Real World

Craig Camp

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It is not exactly that simple : Bordeaux has not the capacity to market with efficiency and to communicate properly.

In fact, no region in the world is able, like Bordeaux, to produce basic good wine in big quantity at so low cost. The point is that consumers, when they see a low price, associate that immediatly with low quality !

At Grand Jury, we did blind once Premius, a basic bordeaux by Yvon Mau, produced over 5 millions bottles and with a retail less than 5 €. Will you be surprise if I tell you this wine has come before some classified growths ?

Of course, a 30 % roughly of Bordeaux basic wines are bullshit, but, trust me, for less than 6 euros, you find very decent wines.

The question : what to do in marketing, without crazy expenses, to give this message to the consumer worldwide ?

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