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Best tasting glass for rum?


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Have the rum industry developed any glass specially for rum tasting?

Noticed in John von Peys report from Cadenheads rum tasting in Amsterdam earlier this year(2004) that they where using a tasting glass that looked like a whisky tasting glass.

In a Swedish produced video: Noble Spirits - The Story of Cognac, Rum and Whiskey I noticed that the Swedish rum expert Mr Duane of restaurant Sjögräs (www.sjogras.com) in Stockholm recommends regular whisky tasting glasses for industrial rum and grappa glasses for agricultural rum. Duanes argument is that since the agricultural rum needs lesser evaporation surface as it has a very high concentration of aromas.

I believe that "ours" Ed Hamilton was involved as a consultant in the rum section of the series. What are your view on what Duane said on the DVD concerning rum tasting in general and tasting glass in particular Ed?

Any recommendations, tips, thoughts?

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Although I was involved as a consultant on the original Story of Rum video, Mr Duane Dove is in Sweden where the video was produced. I know he has been working to deveolop a glass and though he has asked for my assistance no one has ever shown me anything to date.

For cocktails or enjoying rum with a little ice or water, I prefer a glass like the ones on my website. About 3 inches in height and about the same diameter. The typical glasses with a small opening on the top are used to concentrate the aroma of the spirit but most rums don't need to have the aromas concentrated. Actually the wider opening allows the taster to experience the different aromas by holding the glass at an angle and then moving ones nose from the top of the glass to the bottom of the opening.

While it is true that rhum agricole is much more flavorful than molasses based rums I use the same glass for both.

If I was going to design my own glass I would make one with a wider opening than base to allow even greater appreciation of the aromas when drinking rhum agricole. The problems then becomes packaging and storing these fragile glasses.

I have seen a few glasses with a flared lip which allows the aromas to dissipate across a larger surface which is condusive to distinguishing the different aromas. Most whiskey glasses have an opening which is too small to allow the more aromatic rums to be appreciated.

I tend to shy away from stemware due the high center of gravity, though they do look nice, a heavier balanced base helps keep the glass and the rum in your hand or on the table.

Edward Hamilton

Ministry of Rum.com

The Complete Guide to Rum

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For me it depends on the type of rum. For the older rums which I drink neat, I use a brandy snifter. For younger rums which can take a touch of ice to release their flavor or to mellow the fire, I use rocks glasses.

Jason Perlow

Co-Founder, The Society for Culinary Arts & Letters

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With respect to glasses appropriate for tasting rum, I have enjoyed using Riedel's single malt scotch stem. Its tulip shape, four inch height and two and a half inch width flared mouth allow easy swirling and sniffing without overwhelming olafactory senses. In other words it sniffs well.

I often use this glass with rums taken neat. Have also tried adding a bit of cold (non-tap) water as is done with single malts as this seems to help lift the flavor by smoothing the effect of alcohol. :smile:


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