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Good Eats nto go good?

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In response to an earlier question, you said:

“I think that there are a lot of shows that come very close to being good but they fall short. I

should add that Good Eats often falls short too.”

Is this self criticism, i.e. a person is their own worst critic, or is there a more specific reason? I’ve watched all of the GE episodes, and I would say that it is a good show. It’s one of the few I watch on a regular basis.

And as often mentioned elsewhere, getting to “talk” with you is just the coolest thing.

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Here's the thing...I'm slower than the average tree sloth when it comes to writing. Because of that the scripts I write are never all they could be and therefore the shows aren't either. They're certainly made better by those that I work with but I often feel as though I'm the weak link in the whole system. I've even recommended to the executive producer that I be fired. It really would be the best thing for the show.

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