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You're obviously (to most of us) pretty passionate about what you do. It comes through in your show and in the Rants on your website. So, what are you passionate about right now? It doesn't even necessarily have to be food related. Give us an idea of what's rattling around the ol' noggin this week, please!

You've got an engaged, alert, informed audience. Rant away - we're only here for the Alton!

Marsha Lynch aka "zilla369"

Has anyone ever actually seen a bandit making out?

Uh-huh: just as I thought. Stereotyping.

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Passionate. Well, I'm feeling pretty passionate about politics these days but being a lowly cook I don't think my opinions merit discussion here. I’m passionate about music, especially what I music like A3 and Mocean Worker. I’m passionate about the paintings of Mark Ryden who I think has been poking around my notebooks. I’m also into the photography of Symon Chow (www.1027g.com). As for food, I’m very into baking right now, because of working on the book. I’m also obsessed with motorcycling and I do mean obsessed. As for more serious matters, I’m passionate about this country getting off it’s fat butt and getting into shape. I see a lot of very heavy people at my demos and book signings and I don’t like that. They come up and they’re so nice and they say “gosh we love food and love your show” and I want to say “I think you might lay off both and go for a walk”. I’ve never actually said this because it would be mean but it really worries me.

Sorry for rambling.

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