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Future Food

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What is your opinion of food science products such as alginates and other heat-stable gelatins, maltodextrins, and modified food starches in the fine-dining arena?

I had the pleasure of working in a very foward-thinking restaurant in which the uses of these products were explored and celebrated. I am, personally, very excited to see some of these new ingredients and techniques utilized on the dining scene.

Since you have quite an affinity for food science, what is your two cents on the matter?


Thanks for a great TV show!

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All the products you mention can be fabulous tools and I'm all for their use as long as they're not being used to sidestep proper procedures. What I mean is that if they're being used creatively for their unique attributes, great. If they're being used in place of "real" ingredients, as they are in processed foods, then I don't think that's such a great idea.

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