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Your faviorite shows new and old

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First thanks for "good eats" I watch three shows on a regular basis, yours, PBS America's Kitchen (Cook's Magazine) (which is starting to get stale) and A Cook's Tour. I can say that I learn more from you these days then I do from any other show. My question is Which show(s) do you watch on a regular basis and which (older) shows influenced you? I liked your idea (from another post) about classic shows on late night. Any comments on one of my al time favorites Jeff Smith AKA The Frugal Gourmet?

One other small comment.... HAGGIS is GOOD!

How can we get your autograph?



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You are clearly a freak. The only way Haggis is good is when all the other food is gone…including small newts and thistles.

Now to your question: I love the Frugal Gourmet. I loved the show and the books which I still use. I’m very sorry that he made choices in his personal life that resulted in the demise of his professional life. I think the only person that did more for cooking in this country was/is Julia Child.

I’ll be honest, I don’t watch a lot of food shows. People often ask me what I like and I have to make up answers. I think that there are a lot of shows that come very close to being good but they fall short. I should add that Good Eats often falls short too. You mentioned Cook’s Tour. That show really frustrated me because it could have been really great.


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