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Good Cleaning

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Pleased to 'meet' you, however virtually. We met briefly at the Orange County Fair last year - I was the guy with the "Good Eats" theme on my cell phone, and I gave you a card and offered Mac help. (That offer still stands, no charge.)

I'm disappointed to hear that the Food Network has declined a baby food show. With a ten-month old in the house I could sure as heck use it!

For my question, have you considered doing an "after" show, ala "Remains of the Bird", that focusses on cleaning up? We love the practical sensibilities you bring to cooking; can we see those strategies applied toward the inevitable cleanup?



(Site admins: feel free to give my email address to Mr. Brown.)

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Hey Andrew…I do remember you but I lost your card…I’d sure like that info again as I am having some peculiar problems with two of my macs. You can drop me a line at altonbrown@hotmail.com if you like.

Cleanup is serious business and big business which is a shame because besides good ole soap and water the only thing you need is bleach. I do most of my cleanup with a sanitizing solution containing 1 tablespoon of bleach per quart of water. I keep this in a spritz bottle by the sink. At that concentration it can kill just about anything.

Although they’re quite popular these days I avoid all “antibacterial” soaps and such. Not only are these sub-therapeutic levels no better at nuking germs than soap and warm water, there is a mounting pile of research that shows that the bugs are building stiff resistances to the drugs…not good.

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