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How's your diet going?

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Hi AB,

I'm curious as to how your diet of no/fewer HFCS and PHVO is going? What is something about it that has surprised you? What advice would you give to someone else considering it also?

Thanks for the time you're investing in this forum!

Gregory in Houston


Info for the sake of other possible readers...

HFCS = High Fructose Corn Syrup

PHVO = Paritally Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

See Alton's Rants & Raves at www.altonbrown.com for more info.

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It's hard laying off sweets...very...and beer. But the surprise is how much better I feel. I eat cottage cheese right before bed becaue I read that whey protein is a good thing to have in your system when you sleep and I've been feeling really good in the morning.

My advice: write down everything you eat. It's amazing what that "self honesty" can do for you. (Do you really want to have to confess that doughnut? I thought not.)

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