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Idea for Future Show

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Here's an idea for a future show, Alton. We are lucky enough to have a standby car in our driveway for emergencies. It gets pretty hot here in Houston, and I've found that, with the windows rolled up, it gets to be about 110 degrees inside that parked vehicle.

Several years ago, I started finishing my yogurt in my car. I would bring about a quart of milk to 185 F, add some milk powder, let it cool to 105 F, add my yogurt starter and then transfer the pot to the floor of the car and leave it there all day while I was at work. The yogurt came out fantastic.

Next, in an effort to avoid bugs, I laid out a towel on the dash, put a cooling rack down, and started 'sun drying' my tomatoes and red ripe poblano and jalapeno peppers in my car.

Think you could come up with some other ideas for using a car for food processes?



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Cool. You know I live in Georgia and it gets pretty hot down here. I've actually baked biscuits in my mail box (not a very good result I might add) but I've never tried cooking in the car. The yogurt idea is a darned good one. But somehow I doubt that the powers that be at Food Network would let me gobble an entire half hour on the subject. But clearly, further experimentation is merited.

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