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Cooking Demonstrations

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Hi Mr. Brown,

Let me say first that I love your show and I have gotten my family into it as well. They hate the fact that I quote your show so much to tell them why things do what they do in the kitchen (I guess that is the teacher in me).

Anyways, the question I have for you is this. I have noticed that you used to do cooking demonstrations which were compared to a stand-up comedian meets cooking. Are you still doing them? I am a fairly new fan so I also saw somewhere that you used to post your appearance dates on your website. Are you going to be doing that again or is it already posted there and I am just really blind?



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Thanks for your comments...sorry that your family is tired of your Altonisms...time to trade them in.

Anyway, I very much enjoy doing live shows and I still do them...the problem is I'm not so good about posting them on my web site...so nobody knows where or when. This probably explains why nobody shows up.

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