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good, cheap, and fast...pick any two

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First, I want to thank you for the most informative culinary program I've ever set my VCR for. I have 100+ episodes on tape. I've met you once, at the Biltmore Estate, and I have yet to hear a response from the resume iI gave you (it was in the iron chef with alton brown transcript, and the offer still stands).

In other news, I'm a firm believer in the theory of the title quote ("You can have it good, cheap, and fast...pick any two"). You seem to agree.

I implore you to enlighten us as to some of your cookin-at-home meals:

Whats your favorite dinner, good and cheap? cheap and fast? good and fast?

Was that three questions? Again, if you insist, pick any two...

Shawn M Banks, CC

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Sometimes good and fast is the goal...sometimes it's good and cheap...never is it cheap and fast...unless of course it's good.

I do a lot of braising which means that I'm willing to invest a lot of time in relatively cheap food. I do buy expensive chunks of fish from time to time, which I generally broil or convection roast. My cooking is really all over the place at home. I'm either trying to prove some hairbrained theory or I'm just really in a hurry.

Oh, and here's another secret to my home meals: Orida.

And I really make great ribs...really I do.


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