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Science + crops = GM(O)/"frankenstein food"

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As someone from Europe (originally from the UK), I was kind of surprised, when I moved to the US, about how little the media mentions GMO/GM foods. It's as if there's only a small proportion of the US population taking an interest in this mixing of science and crop production.

I believe there's no US federal law in place to label GMO food products so the consumer doesn't know exactly which products contain GMO. However, there are some manufacturers who do state that their produce contains no GMO ingredients.

It's the other way in the EU (European Union). GMO products/ingredients must be labeled as such.

What are your views on GMO foods? Would you and your family eat GMO identified food products?

That's my two questions!

Foodie Penguin

(I met you at the Cooking Show in Raleigh, NC in Oct last year).

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Genetically Manipulated foods are here to stay. Instead of fighting them, we should help to put legeslation in place that will insure (or help to insure) their responsible handling. When you think about it, most of what is happening today in GMA is more akin to traditional cross-breeding than a science fiction movie. Properly handled, we may be able to better life on this planet with GM foods. However, like all new technologies, there is a possibility for things going wrong. I doubt that anyone at Monsanto is going to develop a tomato with teeth and a bad attitude, but if they start breeding plants that will say, change the third world, only so that they can sell a bunch of chemicals to the third world then that would be (in the words of Mr. Garison) bad...okay?

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