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Baby food and Iron AB

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Good Morning Mr. Brown,

First I want to let you know that my very favorite reason for loving GE is that it is the only show that my entire family will sit and watch every day. Even the baby, 16 mos., comes runnin’ when he hears the GE theme song, (I actually think he’s really just watching us laugh). And let me tell you, with me, Poet, and four boys fighting over the TV - that’s a near miracle. We’re huge fans, and we sport our gear shirts with pride – Thank you.

Question no. 1: Do you have any plans to do a show on how to make your own baby food? I know your little one is past that, but something tells me you didn’t feed her out of a jar.(?) This subject has come up where your fans gather on the internet, and the mommy fans have decided we would love to see a show on this subject. hint hint

Question no. 2: Would you do battle? Huh, Iron AB?

Thanks for taking the time to come talk to us, we dig that.

Best wishes to you,


p.s. My 13 year old thought the little dudes punching you in the face on the pie crust episode was hysterical. He watched it so many times I think he could probably make a pie from memory with no problem at all.

(Poet says to tell you: ALTON ROCKS!)

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I have asked to do a baby food show a few times but the answer from the network is a resounding "no". That's because they don't think that many people are actually interested in making baby food and if they're not interested they won't watch and we all know what that leads to: low ratings....which we all just hate.

I might agree to compete on Iron Chef but I'd want special rules: no tools but a blow torch, a tank of liquid oxygen, three cardboard boxes, a box of rock salt and a drill...something like that.

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