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Hi Alton. Nice to see you.

What would you say is the average length of time from a story idea to finished production? Could you give us some idea of the process?

(These are two questions but they're connected. I guess that's my quota.)

Ta ever so.

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I get asked this one a lot and I never have a good answer. The script writing process for a set of shows (6-8 eps) can take a month or two and each show eats up two and a half days (average) of production time. Then there's a day of editing each...then voice overs and color correction and music and sound mixing...there's just no way to tell. I will tell you that by the time it's all said and done, 3.5 months can pass from the first stroke of the pen to the delivery of the last master tapes. But that's really a guess on my part. it could be as little as 3.

This is all because I'm slow...

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