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Iron Chef America

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Hi Alton,

It's wonderful that you have decided to participate in a Q & A. Thanks to Chris for bringing you on-board!

I conducted an interview with Michael Simon, who directed Iron Chef America. Hope you had an opportunity to read it on The Daily Gullet. I asked him about providing you with a partner like in the old series. He thought you did a great job, as did I... I just think your comments would have played off a straight man more effectively. Your comment about "happy" no longer being an issue for Bobby Flay's fish was especially funny.

How did you like doing the show? Was it a ratings success? Is there a new series in the works? Would you be part of it? Would you like a counterpart? Before you took ill at the end of filming...did you feel it coming on? Was the show stressful? Did you sample any of the dishes? If so, how were they? What surprised you the most about the series? What would surprise us in the audience the most if we knew it?

Thanks for your consideration,


Note from Moderator: Here is a link to Trish's Daily Gullet article: Pumping Iron Chef America.

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Being on Iron Chef: America was thrilling and humbling. I would definitely do it again if asked. I did get to try a fair amount of the food and can only say that I’m very glad that I didn’t have to judge the event.

I feel certain that my “illness” was triggered by a food allergy…I should have been a little more careful about what I put in my mouth during those days.

The biggest surprise to me was how fierce the competition was. I mean these guys are some of the best cooks on the planet but that’s so easy to forget when you see them on television. They were dead serious and amazing to watch. I wasn’t (nor am I now) worthy.

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