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eGullet Q&A with McCoy and Corey

Jason Perlow

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eGullet Q&A with Ray McCoy and Cornelia Corey

Ray McCoy (2003 Wynkoop Beerdrinker of the Year) and Cornelia Corey (2001 Wynkoop Beerdrinker of the Year) are two of the country's most enthusiastic and passionate beer lovers.

They first discovered good beer on a trip to Europe in 1990. Since then their thirsty curiosity for good beer has led them to compile resumes detailing visits to over 280 breweries and brewpubs in eight different countries. They have, to date, attended over 30 festivals in five countries and have worked as staff for numerous festivals.

Ray McCoy also brews award-winning beers in their home brewery dubbed the "Backstage Brewing Company." Cornelia assists in the brewing when needed.

They are the first couple to have individually won the national title of "Beerdrinker of the Year."

Learn more about Ray and Cornelia by following the links to their winning Beerdrinker of the Year resumes:

Ray's Beer Resume
Cornelia's Beer Resume

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Jason Perlow

Co-Founder, The Society for Culinary Arts & Letters

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