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Cheese tasting menu

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You're welcome! Are young ripened cheeses legal in Canada? Here in the US is it SUPPOSED to be illegal. Some are of course readily available. Maybe the goverment fears riots over cutting off the Epoisse supply. :shock:

Lisa K

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Are young ripened cheeses legal in Canada?


And so is absinthe.

We're hopped up and we're thinking yis don' look so tuff down there, eh? We're gonna bring yis some cheese an' ye'll like it, bygod.

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Since you live in Canada check out the great Vancouver cheese shop Les Amis Du Fromage. They ship (I think) and have a vast array of Canadian and imported cheeses, including raw milk cheeses imported from France.

The web site is http://www.buycheese.com/. The shop is run by some very helpful people. If you do not have a local cheese monger I would call their toll free phone number and find out about their shipping prices and policies. I have bought cheese from them for years and they are extremely knowledgable and helpful.

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