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Black Apron Label


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I was at my local Starbucks the other day, and was greeted at the entrance with a displace of Black Apron Label beans, or something like that - the specific blend was called Kona or Rona (I think). What surprised me was that Starbucks was selling it for $45 a pound (CAD)! $45 is more than I pay for my coffee, that's for sure. They claim it's some special find that only special buyers (like Starbucks...) can get in on.

Anyone seen this, or even tasted it? They don't brew it in the stores, and even the half pound was far too much, despite my intrigue. I asked the guy at the cash about it, he said they did a tasting, and he enjoyed it. "Very drinkable, no aftertaste" or something like that (does that mean the rest of the Starbucks coffees are only somewhat drinkable?).


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There was a brief thread about this on alt.coffee yesterday. I think the Black Apron label is a $bucks only example of Kona. Cea at Smith Farms Kona says "They are buying from a large local Kona company that buys from many Kona farmers"


$45 seems very steep, even for 100% Kona.

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Yeah... no-one except Starbucks can get Kona...

And if you buy that one I've got a bridge to sell you.

(The idea of a delicate, fragrant and wonderful coffee like Kona being dramatically over-roasted like this makes me want to weep.)


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I saw that Saturday morning. Was desperate for something cold and frosty, so I went to starbuks on my way to the mall.

What a crock of poo!

Yes, I work for wholesale/retail coffee roaster. I AM the roaster. Been in the biz 16 years. Kona is Kona is Kona, (except when it's Kona Kai, but that's another lawsuit....er...story.)

We sell Kona @ $20 bucks retail. We buy from one of the best farms. The ratings on Kona are as such:

Extra Fancy= top grade, all large beans.

Fancy = next grade, mostly large beans.

Prime = more mixed and more defects per bag. You'd never see that retail anyway.

There are other coffees from Hawaii, like Kona Kauai. It's half the price of Kona XF, but I can't stand it. Grown off of Brazilian coffee root stock. The green coffee (before it's roasted, for the uninitiated) looks very similar to Brazil coffees. Taste like it, too. Ick!

Good Kona has a nutty aroma, good full body, medium acidity, smooth aftertaste. Want a poor....er...frugal man's Kona? Colombian Supremo, believe it or not!


You gonna eat that?

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