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At dinner last nite:

1993 Romanee St Vivant DRC

In need of more time in bottle. There was a mouthful of lush red fruit with still unresolved tannins as a strong backbone. The wonderful Pinot aroma came through on the nose with a smattering of pencil shaving aroma. As this opened up during the course of the dinner, the tannins softened and the fruit came back to the fore.

1988 Richbourg Anne & Francoise Gros

This is why there is all the fuss about Burgundies and Pinot Noirs. A bottle at its peak. A wonderful aroma of pinot noir with a faintly flowery (violets?) undertone. A hedonistic mouthful of lush grapey, minerally, leathery flavors. This was a perfect accompaniment to grilled halibut with haricot verts and St. Andre mac & cheese.

Both bottles bought on release and stored in my cellar. I don't have the prices I paid where I am now.

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