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Riga, Latvia

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Off to Riga for a quick visit at the end of next month.

Anyone any particular suggestions to visit or avoid? Seems like it's not properly on the tourist route yet as there aren't many guide books either. But some personal recommendations would be good.

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Dining choices in Riga have multiplied dramatically since I was last in 1993. I only had two meals, and I tried two restaurants that advertised "Latvian" food.

Alus Seta (Tirgonu 6; 722 24 31) is in the middle of the old town. It's a cafeteria line, so you can see everything before you decide. I had pork meat, sauteed potatoes, and sauerkraut -- typical rich Latvian meal. Everything was okay. They don't take credit cards, but the prices are so cheap you won't notice.

Alus Ordenis (Raina 15; 781 41 90) is a little bit higher end, but only a little. It's in the basement and on the right, and it's not terribly well signed. The restaurant guide I had claimed that it had some "hard-to-find local dishes," but I didn't see them. Maybe they're on the Latvian menu. The English menu had its share of humorous translation errors. My favorite was the "Chicken Spit Pickled in Greens," which I assume to mean "split chicken," or 1/2 chicken.

I ordered the sauerkraut soup, a hearty bowl of sauerkraut, meat, carrots, onion, and bacon, served with a dish of sour cream, potato pieces, and chopped onion. Very tasty. (Other soup options were "Harcot Soup," "Soup of Beat," and the intriguing but not sufficiently enticing "Magic Fish Soup.")

Next came the "Trout Fried in Butter," served with potatoes and a salad. Huge portions here; not only my dish, but everything I saw come out of the kitchen.

There's no non-smoking section, but there's probably none in the entire city of Riga.

One other item: there's an Uzbek restaurant in Riga. I didn't have time to go there, but I think someone should and report back.

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Im visiting Riga between Christmas and New Year with some friends and my girlfriend and was wondering if there were some more suggestions? Also, is there any advice on buying caviar in Riga?

Christopher - I can see we've let you down (I myself have never been to Riga) but I hope you'll post your reactions. John

John Talbott

blog John Talbott's Paris

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Alus Seta - i've heard its mention on various sites, papers, etc... very unspectacular. mediocre cafeteria grilled food and prices arent that cheap -- not to say that they are expensive, its just everything in that city is equally cheap.

theres a quaint little place called Province Brasserie (no, not Provence) in the square around the resistance museum... nice food and terrific service (and gorgeous staff! ;))

the city is not exactly a gastronomic giant so just walk around and eat on a whim. everything is cheap, people are friendly, etc... EASILY one of my favorite cities in europe

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