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Villa Montavo


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I meet up with david during the event - actually he really helped me out.

My food didn't make it with me as Alaska Airlines wouldn't let me board the plane with styrofoam boxes. This is crazy - they said that they were flammable so I was given a card board box. Which ISN'T ??? strange.

So I repacked everything - only to get hassled at Agriculture asking where everything was from - was it cooked blah blah blah - and finally made it to the plane with 3 seconds left and my food never made the plane.

So we had to go shopping with 3 hours to go -




Red onion

spring onion


etc etc

celery salt

Coho Salmon

Everyone helped me who could, David Kinch quickly seared the salmon, 6 of us did bruniose of all the salad items and just made it.

Not to be repeated!!! turned out to be alot of fun


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