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robert brown

Guy's Four Sous-Chefs

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Joining Guy Gateau in the Roundtable discussion are:

Robert Brown: An art gallery owner in New York

and Nice, Robert Brown has also been a well-traveled

gourmand for thirty years. He has visited every area

of France seeking out the most interesting gastronomic

landmarks: restaurants, markets, purveyors and food

artisans. Other labels on his gastronomic luggage

include Italy, Spain, Japan, India and Thailand. He is

forum co-host for eGullet's France forum.

Jonathan Day: Jonathan lives in London and

Mougins, France, where he is an ardent amateur cook.

He is a frequent diner in the restaurants of Great

Britain and France, but his work as an international

management consultant has also taken him to fine

restaurants in Russia, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

He has a special interest in the economic and

management aspects of gastronomy and culinary

institutions. He is a site manager of eGullet.

Jack Lang (jackal10): Residing in Cambridge,

England, Jack is an entrepreneur with an abiding

interest in gastronomy. He is a restaurant backer and

a culinary book collector on a grand scale. He is deep

into cooking and the science thereof as evidenced by

the frequent courses he creates for the eGullet

Culinary Institute.

Vedat Milor (vmilor): Vedat lives in Atlanta,

Georgia where he teaches at the School of Public

Policy of the Georgia Institute of Technology. He's the

Mad Turk of the European gastronomic circuit, joining

it whenever he isn't teaching. France, Italy and Spain

are his dining countries of choice, and have been for

more than 20 years. He is indefatigable in this regard

and approaches international gastronomy with great

thoughtfulness and insight.

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