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Peter Luger Steakhouse (2001-2003)


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and clearly the internet and word-of-mouth hasn't helped with the confusion over that tasty "dressing" of theirs (which might as well be dumped down the sink if you ask me), as we are seeing here.

I like it on the tomato and onion salad.

And I don't think you can fully appreciate a PL steak with a bunch of steak sauce on it.

Kind of like loading up the wasabi on a piece of toro.

yeah. a good steak doesn't need a salty sweet sauce.

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I'm curious why the Lugers Sauce/Salad Dressing is such a big deal.

The Restaurant doesn't seem to take the stuff seriously, especially since it was something that evolved because of customer pressure.

It doesn't taste that bad for what it is, I find it more versatile then A-1 or several others, but woundn't go out of my way to purchase any Steak Sauce since in my opinion when i'm eating a Steak I expect it to stand on it's own merits.

Sure for Prime Rib, Short Ribs or other meat dishes I welcome sometimes Horseradish, Hot Mustard or even Ketchup, if none of these are available i'd even try a Steak Sauce but never when i've invested the price of Aged Prime Beef.

But then i'd never have a Martini or any hard liquor with my Prime Beef either, except a after dinner Brandy.


Admin: The current discussion thread for Peter Luger Steakhouse may be found here.

I don't say that I do. But don't let it get around that I don't.

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