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the 6 best macro-brews in the world


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And more importantly, where can I get a'hold of some of this Yuengling stuff everyone is raving about?

Yuengling is pretty easy to find in theMid-Atlantic, but more difficult elsewhere., though it now has distributors in Virginia, Florida, Alabama and the Carolinas. Here's a link to the distributors page on the Yuenling web site.

FWIW, I prefer Yuengling's Lord Chesterfield ale to their Lager.

Bob Libkind aka "rlibkind"

Robert's Market Report

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As a Good Canadian here is my list :

Pilsner Urquell

Lowenbrau (German brewed only)


Bass Bale Ale

Dos Equis

Molson Canadian (especially on tap)

As for some of the choices for "macro" (McAuslan, Widmer Bros.,Anderson Valley) - I think not.

''Wine is a beverage to enjoy with your meal, with good conversation, if it's too expensive all you talk about is the wine.'' Bill Bowers - The Captain's Tavern, Miami

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good to see some east coasters (philly!) representing with the yuengling...


sam adams

fat tire

red stripe

rolling rock


WHEN will yuengling start distributing west? i have to have my friends mail it to me, and have my bro pick me up some when i visit him in boston. someday, chicago, you will understand :cool:

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