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WTN: Two 1997 Veneto reds


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Easter wines:

Colli Euganei DOC Cabernet Riserva, Fattoria Monte Fasolo, 1997

12,5% ABV

Young-looking, clear purple-ruby color, turning pink-ruby at the edge. Some sediments inside the bottle.

Composed bouquet of violets, mint, sandalwood, wet clay, cherry pie and ripe figs, turning slightly to dried figs. Also a somewhat "inky" note. Lightish, refined mouthfeel and body, with great balance between fresh cherry-like fruit, softened tannins and firm acid structure. Long finish marked by a tender rhubarb-like bitterness. Very good.

Bagnoli DOC Friularo Classico Vendemmia Tardiva, Il Dominio, 1997

Il Dominio is the most important cellar in Bagnoli (south of Padua, adjacent to Colli Euganei DOC); Friularo is the local name for Raboso del Piave grape, late-harvested in this case. This is an ancient wine, very popular in XVIII Century Venice but probably much older in its origins. There's also a sweet Friularo Passito.

14,5% ABV, 100% Raboso.

Intense, saturated dark red hue with small bricking at the edge. Is deep on the nose: liqueurish and leathery, tea leaves, not unlike Amarone but a tad fresher (ripe, sweet water-melon in the background). Plummy, raisiny, jammy palate, very big and dry. The grape is famed for its high acidity, and despite all that yummy fruit I'll not argue with that statement in this case: impressive grip and intensity. Leafy, earthy, cherry pith-like finish, extremely long, evolving towards milk & coffee after five minutes. Quite individual and unique flavors. Outstanding. I don't think it's easy to find Friularo di Bagnoli outside Veneto, shame.

Buona Pasqua :smile: ,


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