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Hot or Not?


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This is a spinoff of this thread discussing a media in/out food trends article.

As a tangent to that, what's in that you wish would go out, or vice versa is out that you wish were in again? What trends would like to see come back? What trends can go out and you won't miss them?

Edited for clarity.

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What's wrong with peanut butter and mustard? What else is a guy supposed to do when we are out of jelly?


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I want tableside service again (a la 1950's thankyouverymuch!). Caesar Salad or Steak Diane prepared while you watch... Carving stations on wheels!

Oh yes! I love that.

Two or three years ago we ate at a tex/mex place (in Georgia, of all places) that made your Guacamole fresh tableside. Delicious.

What's wrong with peanut butter and mustard? What else is a guy supposed to do when we are out of jelly?


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Ready for their return:

Baked potatoes with sour cream (not in foil)

Crinkle cut french fries

Hot dog buns with flat sides for grilling in butter

Classic sauces

Meat, salad and two sides for a reasonable price

Caraffes of drinkable wine for $10

Jacket and tie required (only at some places)

Ready for their demise:


Tableside suggestion selling, especially water and desserts

Martinis made with anything other than gin or vermouth

California wines

Marketing department "hip"


I'm on the pavement

Thinking about the government.

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Good riddance...

Tasting menus. It was a nice run, but their time has passed.

Chipotles and Anchos. Are these the only two smoked peppers in the world?

"Would you like some freshly cracked pepper?" You mean the chef didn't properly season the dish?

Flavored butters.

Odd meat and fruit combinations. The latest violation I experienced was mango slices atop braised short ribs.

Breadcrumb-crusted, warmed chevre on salad.

Insalata Caprese. Unless you have top notch cheese, basil, and especially tomatoes, don't bother.

Tiramisu. So very few of them are made well.

Sushi. At least in Minneapolis/St. Paul, they're all the same.

Balsamic Vinegar in everything.

Food as architecture. I want to eat it, not look at it.

Bring back...

Orders for two.

A la carte.

Classic pasta dishes.

Edited by Brad Ballinger (log)

We cannot employ the mind to advantage when we are filled with excessive food and drink - Cicero

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Bring back fondue!!

"Some people see a sheet of seaweed and want to be wrapped in it. I want to see it around a piece of fish."-- William Grimes

"People are bastard-coated bastards, with bastard filling." - Dr. Cox on Scrubs

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I've been waiting at least 15 years for the demise of undercooked veggies as a side. I can deal with crunchy vegetables in my salad, but if it's going to be plated with my entree please see to it that they are cooked. :angry:

Edited for spilling

Edited by =Mark (log)


Give a man a fish, he eats for a Day.

Teach a man to fish, he eats for Life.

Teach a man to sell fish, he eats Steak

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I'm ready for these to go:

- roasted red pepper ANYTHING.

- vertical food

- huge portions of mediocre food (quantity over quality)

- Starbucks

- restaurants where the decor is more important that the food

- reality TV

I'm hoping these come back:

- neighborhood coffee houses that stay open past 8 pm

- flourless chocolate cake

- wine coolers made with real wine (so I still have some pedestrian tastes)

- Hunan/Szechuan cuisine

- M&M Mint Royals


Don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted...he lived happily ever after. -- Willy Wonka

eGullet foodblog

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Are you guys just bitching to bitch or do you actually know what you're talking about? Ugh.

For this thread, does it really matter? Isn't it all opinion anyway?


"When I grow up, I'm going to Bovine University!" --Ralph Wiggum

"I don't support the black arts: magic, fortune telling and oriental cookery." --Flanders

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Please bring back:

lard and tallow

simple pies for dessert

ice-cream trucks

afternoon tea


lively Chinatowns

full-fat anything

Martha Stewart


Please take away:

flavored popcorns

chef's tables

trendy Thai restaurants

Asian fusion

low-carb diets, foods, and labeling

celebrity chefs

children being allowed to bring only packaged, sealed, commercially baked treats to school, no homemade treats

trick-or-treating in shopping malls

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I've certainly seen enough truffle oil for one lifetime.

I love truffle oil, but I agree...some chefs do not seem to know WHAT is augmented or what is destroyed by the mellow-yet-intense flavor of truffle oil...I have seen many a good truffle oil ruined by what it was drizzled over and vice versa

"Make me some mignardises, &*%$@!" -Mateo

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bring back:


get rid of:

random and inappropriate sweetness in savory dishes.

oh yeah, and foam. what's the point?

alright...I've had enough of people down-playing foams...

sure, if we start seeing all-foam restaurants, then we can give them the boot, but as of now, they are great flavor, texture and temperature nuances.... As someone who loves dynamic, multi-layered food presentations, I see foams as a good way to add an ephemeral flavor to a dish...

THAT's the point

"Make me some mignardises, &*%$@!" -Mateo

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