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Cachaca in Toronto


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A search of LCBO products(their online list at least) shows they do not stock Cachaça.

Have you tried phoning:

LCBO Infoline

1-800-ONT-LCBO (1-800-668-5226) or

416-365-5900 in the Toronto area

Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST.


I hope some of this helps. Good luck.

edit to add: Welcome to eG Gul_Dekar. :smile:

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I was going to flat out contradict Beans on the LCBO not having cachaça (I've got a bottle of it sitting right in front of me, bought last year in Ottawa), but, lo and behold, Beans is right, it's no longer listed in their online catalog. :huh:

You could try asking one of the LCBO experts in-store if there's any left (they have access to a nifty province-wide database of all the stock in every store). The in-store people have always been very nice to me when I ask about unorthodox products and where I can find them.

On the plus side, they often sell delisted products at a discount :smile:

I can't find my 2003 LCBO price guide, but I am certain that "Pirassununga 51" cachaça was listed last year.

(On another note, it looks like the SAQ in Quebec have delisted it as well :sad: )

Good luck,


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...and caipirinha looks like a damned fine drink.

That it is.

Something to consider: have you looked for the somewhat similar Aguardiente de Caña? Look here for a brief discussion.

Not quite the same experience, however the best I can offer up are other caipis drinks which would would be a Caipirissima (variation on the Caipirinha but made with regular, old Rum) or the Caipiroska (varation made with Vodka).

Well, I hope some of this helps and good luck on your search!


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I spent some years in Brasil as a youth and searched mightily up here for a cachaca substitute for my caipirinhas before it finally became available a year or three back. I came up with two possibilities:

1) Cuervo TRADICIONAL, is 100%agave, and not too aggressive. "Pinga" has a mysterious quality that separates it from the rum family that I found only tequila can approach. TRADICIONAL is a younger agave and resembles some of the local Cachacas that are brewed in the rural areas of Brasil. Avoid Cuervo Gold, it's mostly corn syrup.

2) Any younger rum from small-batch producers (hard to find). A certain Mount Gay product labeled "100% sugar cane rum" (green and gold labeling) appeared now and then did the trick. Tres Marias from Martinique was pretty close too.

I ran into a Brasilian couple in Vermont who had adapted their caipirinhas by using Absolut (Caipiroska - thank you, beans!), but they insisted on peeling the rind off the limes before mashing, a travesty in my book as the lime-oil is essential.

You might find Cachaca back on the list once the warmer weather arrives. Cross your fingers! :rolleyes:

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