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New Delhi Recommendations Wanted


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Hi All, I'm due to visit Delhi for a few days in Jan 2009 - I believe in planning, and especially food planning. My thanks to all the excellent advice above, however, that was 2004, and I wonder if Mongo Jones' list and other info is still current ? Would anyone be kind enough to update us on the Delhi food situation ? Obviously, I'm after Indian food !

I've just made a painful discovery regarding Ambala (www.ambalafoods.com). I worshipped at the alter of Ambala when I was in London, UK, and I imagined Delhi would provide me with the greatest of Ambala temples, but no ! It seems this organisation ( like the UK's Patak ) is actually based in the West with NO representation in Asia. What a nightmare ! How about Royal ? Does Delhi have Royal sweets ?

On a slightly different topic; I've been really shocked by the hotel prices and the shabby reviews I've seen. I HAVE to stay in Delhi, no choice, so any suggestions would be much appreciated - let's take that off-line if necessary as I don't wish to break any forum rules ( ahem ). Does anyone know any free, 5-star hotels in Delhi run by a charming, witty, erudite gourmet ?

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