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General Restaurant Advice for Spain

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If you are in the mood for something completely delicious but a tad bit more...um...rustic (to put it politely), get in a car and figure out how to get to Pendones, possibly the only ugly little town in Spain...

Pendones is NOT ugly... K was just cranky because she had a hangover... um... every time she's been there... :cool:

It is called Casa Isabel now (it used to be called Casa Juanín, who is, I believe, her father, even though Isabel has always done all the cooking, at least since I've been going there) and I believe the phone number is correct. It's actually a bit more than an hour from Oviedo, south on AS-17, 5 or 6 kilometers past Campo de Caso (Pendones isn't even on a lot of maps).

I tried to keep this a secret for years, to impart to only the truly worthy. But since there is now a detailed listing for it in the latest edition of the Guía Azul for Asturias, I guess word can safely be considered to be "out".

Easily my favorite restaurant in Spain.

My restaurant blog: Mahlzeit!

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