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Your favorite frozen ingredients

Fat Guy

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Sandy, welcome to eGullet. Could you please comment further on freezing verjus, please?

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A few questions:

Do people here date the food they freeze themselves? If you dont, do you have a time limit or appearance test that you use to determine whether something has passed its prime?  Do you cook it up things that seem borderline?

About the parmesan...

do you grate it cold or let it come to room temp.


graterAs long as we're talking about parmesan I was wondering how everyone grates theirs?  I use a zyliss crank type cylinder gizmo. I dont like the texture of the little pebbles that you get from a food processor and I dont own a blender, which I've heard you get mixed results from.  I havent tried one of those new  long thin plane s that seem to be popular lately.

Try a vegetable peeler.  You get nice long shavings. A vegetable shredder attachement on your food processor will give a nice look to your cheese also.

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Wow - I've just had a rummage through the freezer, and it's turned into a marvellous illustration of his & hers shopping:


Curry leaves

Kaffir lime leaves

Homemade chicken stock

Frozen petit pois

Frozen corn

French sweet butter

Haagen Daas Dulce de Leche

Panchetta (pre-cubed)

Bag of ice

Loaf of rosemary and black olive bread


Fish fingers

Oven chips

Garlic bread

Frozen pizza

Frozen onion rings

Mint-choc-chip ice cream


She freezes things she uses for cooking (generally).

He freezes things he eats when she's away, or when he's come home from the pub late at night.   (Though I have to confess I'm partial to a fish finger sandwich then, too.) :biggrin:

Miss J

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