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Moroccan Cooking/Restaurants - NYC

Bruce S

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Has anyone been to Tagine @ 39th and 9th recently? It's always seemed like people go there for the belly-dancing and not the food, but if it was not good, that would be strange as that stretch of 9th Avenue dependably yields at least one superlative restaurant of every nationality (except Indian as it were) and that place has been around seemingly forever...

If not Tagine then where?

P.S. Can't stand belly-dancing...

I'm in the opposite camp from Raji...I just started taking bellydance classes and I'd like to see a pro to get some inspiration. Anyone have recommendations for a place with good food and bellydancing?

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OK I just read that Tagine is a favorite restaurant of Julia Stiles, who also happens to be a big Mets fan too. So I'm gonna check it out - surely someone else has been?

Is Julia a belly dancer there?

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