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Hi Ms. Burros, thanks for joining us on Egullet. I have a couple of questions about your position as interim reviewer.

You recently gave Bread Tribecca and Casa Mono 2 stars. It seems to me that these are traditionally restaurants that would receive no stars or not even be reviewed (they are in the 25 and under category?).

Did you decide to review these or were they assigned to you? Do you know what criteria is used to decided which restaurants are up for stars and which are not? Does who the chef is matter?

Also 2 stars seem like quite a high rating for these restaurants. Blue Hill and Mix are also 2 star restaurants. Do you consider Bread and Casa Mono to be an equivalent dining experience to these other 2 stars? Also, how do you think your focus/criteria different from other NYT reviewers?

Sorry for so many questions. Thanks for your answers.


The Dairy Show

Special Edition 3-In The Kitchen at Momofuku Milk Bar

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Every reviewer has a different standard. It can't be helped. To me a restaurant deserves two stars, even if it isn't in the expensive category, if it fulfills its mission. Bread Tribeca has more good food than many restaurants that are far more expensive and it has an appropriate wine list.

Within reason I don't think stars should be determined by price.

Casa Mono is not really a $25 and under restaurant, though it could be. But then, if you just ordered a main course at many more expensive restaurants they could be $25 and under, too.

I wasn't assigned these restaurants: they were my choice. Who the chef is has nothing to do with the stars. If it did it would mean that some famous chef might get more stars than he deserved even if he didn't come up to his usual standards at a second or third place.

Many restaurants I have been to in this town have surprised me with the number of stars they have, and don't deserve to my way of thinking so, it really depends on the reviewer.

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