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We continue to frequent Cafe Lago as our home away from home dining experience of choice, and tis true, I longingly view Carla and Jordi the fine folks I would choose to be related to if I were born into a the perfect world giving us all choices in such critical matters as family of origin - sigh. Having raved on and on about Cafe Lago in the past, I have tried to restrain myself in the past few months. BUT, after tonight's dinner, I decided it would be extraordinarily selfish of me not to post the alert that Cafe Lago will continue to have an extra special seasonal ravioli for the next week or so - a handmade eggplant ravioli with a light tomato sauce, a swirl of pesto, and a just right hit of fresh mint. It is absolutely divine and suprising as can be. I didn't order the special myself - I had my usual supreme comfort food of meatballs and fettucine tonight, but after a bite of the eggplant ravioli from my SO's plate, I instantly decided it just may be the sexiest food I have ever put into my mouth. There is just something about it....

Up to you to discover, dispute, concur...but whatever you do, if you can manage a trip to Montlake and Cafe Lago in the next week or ten days, try the special eggplant ravioli in a light tomato sauce fragrant with mint while it is still on the menu. Quite divine.

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