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What we had to drink with what (USA/Can.)

Craig Camp

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1999 Zind Humbrectk (sp) Clos Windsbuhl Pinot Gris in mags. An incredible powerful wine. I planned on matching it with roast pork and baked apples that my wife had prepared but it was much better with the Epoisses, Forme d'Ambert, and Selles sur Cher that ended the meal. My wife thought that it was an 100 point wine if ther was such a thing. A small amount of residual sweetness, a great blast of apples and pears and just enough acidity to pull it all together. Glad that I have a few more

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2000 Footbolt from d'Arenberg. Big jammy fruit blah, blah, blah. I think this will be my last Australian for a while now. Back to the old world for me.


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How long would you let the Felsina Rancias from good vintages age to reach maturity? I only have a limited supply of '97 and (I think) '99 (though it might be '00) and don't want to waste them.



I say this is least a ten year wine to really start showing its best. After that it can go as long as any Chianti Classico.

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I opened a 1992 Elyse Morisoli Vineyard Zinfandel. Purchased from Marquis Wine Cellars in Vancouver B.C. (I am employed there) in 1995 for approx 24.00 Can $. It was holding up much better than expected. Soft tannins with a slight earthy character, still some fruit and nice acid . At 12.9 % alcohol it was a nice change from the 15-17% Turley/ Martinelli monsters that are fun once and awhile at a tasting but more problematic at the dinner table.I haven't tasted Elyse in a long time but I worked crush there in 1996 so it brought back some fond memories.

If it's slower than me.

Dumber than me.

And tastes good.

Pass the salt.

Anthony Bourdain

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Hospices de Nuits, Nuits-St-Georges, Les Didiers, Cuvee Fagan, 1995 bottled by Laboure-Roi. Stiil quite youthful, fruit still intact with a touch of that earthy mushroom and a hint of cooked beets on the nose and palate. Glad I still have one btl left.

I have never met a miserly wine lover
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2003 La Chamiza (Argentina) Chardonnay.

Had this along with chicken breasts stuffed with artichoke, brie and garlic. The La Chamiza was crisp and fresh, with tastes of green apple and grapefruit.

And an absolute bargain at $6.95 CANADIAN!

I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself. - Johnny Carson
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On a very cold night here in NJ, my husband was posessed to fire up the grill outside ( he's a wood/charcoal advocate, no gas grills allowed) and opened a bottle of Stags Leap 2001 Artemis Cab...I really liked it, nice foil for the grilled flavor, whcih seemed stronger than usual, because its been 3 months or so since I had a charcoal grilled steak. We/ve moved to a Caymus 2001 Cab, not quite as open as the Artemis, but ac comparable big cab flavor.

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2pm - 4:15pm: 8 lucky lagers on the beach. Lit raging fire out

of a washed up tire and a few sections of some poor bastards fence.

4:30 - 5:00: Ahoy! At least six good slugs of rum found in bacardi

bottle that was found in bathroom under sink whilst looking for tums.

6:00 - 6:40:Pounded 3 big sapporo's at sushi bar to keep me occupied

and too busy to resort to violence as two tourists (You Know What

Country) revelled in telling me and the whole damn place how they were

on some dive trip all day cracking open abalone (endangered species in this

country) to feed to wolf eels. Wahoooooo Boys!

6:45 - 6:59: How the hell do you lose 300 smackeroos in 14 minutes at


7:00 - 9:30: $1 drinks due to local "price war" + middle aged cougars

on the prowl = 6-10 stoli's (admittedly it was embarassing to go to

all that trouble of shmoozing for $6-$10 bucks worth of drinks)

10:00: Camus Extrodinaire cognac in the tub ready for one good snooze.

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93 Chave Hermitage Blanc - Viscous, golden, honeyed, mushroom, clementines, etc.

paired w- Brie over Smoked bacon and apples

2001 Fonterutoli Chianti - Big, bright, tart fruit, etc ..this is not your father's chianti anymore.

paired w - Asst Hard Cheeses and pate

1986 Rauzan-Segla - (decanted) Cedar, earth, not so prominent fruit that lasted about an hour and then the nose turned to blue cheese.

paired w - Skirt Steak with roasted potatoes, glazed carrots w walnuts.

2000 Kracher "Four" - Honey, apricots, very delicate considering the amount of flavor it transmits.

paired w - Mille Fueille with lemon cream

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At a wine dinner on Saturday, I had the following:


1990 Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut

Flight #1 - Bordeaux

1975 Chateau Brane-Cantenac

1982 Chateau Palmer

1994 Chateau L'Evangile

1996 Chateau D'Ardennes

1999 Chateau D'Armailhac

1999 Chateau Lynch-Bages

Flight #2 - Aussie Others

1995 Wolf Blass Black Label

1998 Chateau Reynella Basket Pressed Cabernet Sauvignon

1998 Penfolds RWT

1998 Penley Estates Cabernet Sauvignon

1999 Elderton CSM

1999 Rosemount Mountain Blue

2000 Rosemount GSM

Flight #3 - Aussie Shiraz

1997 Penfolds Bin 28

1998 Merrivale Bin 338

1999 Leasingham Bin 61

1999 Penfolds St. Henri

2000 Pirramimma Reserve

2001 Elderton

2002 Marquis-Philips

Last night and tonight I had a 2001 Daringa Peter Dennis Shiraz.

Edited by futronic (log)
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Going away party for me....moving to Denmark...

1996 Chateau Lynch Bages

Assorted Salumi

Fresh Mozzarella w/home roasted peppers

Home-made Italian bread

Scungilli Salad

Risotto Milanese

1986 Cos D'Estournel

Osso Bucco

1995 Chateau D'Yquem

Riccotta Cake(not cheesecake)

Fresh grapes, strawberries, etc.

Lots of Espresso(well stove-top Moka to tell the truth)

Yield to Temptation, It may never come your way again.

 --Lazarus Long

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1999 Hollick Ravenswood Cabernet Sauvignon with a really good free range spatchcocked roast chicken, mashed potatoes with aged white cheddar and braised carrots with shallots. The Hollick is superb, good dense firm but not hard tannin nice saturated red/purple color. There is some oak but not full telephone poles. Medium finish that has a slight dried cranberry character with low acid.

After dinner a nice big glass of Seppelt DP 63 Grand Muscat, as my friend Delbert likes to say "Good booze!". Lighter bodied than the Rare Muscat with aromas of cold tea and cinnamon buns right out of the oven. Drinking it chilled is my favorite way, however 98.6 degrees F might also work.

If it's slower than me.

Dumber than me.

And tastes good.

Pass the salt.

Anthony Bourdain

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2000 Forman Cabernet - Full, ripe, and luscious. Full of coffee, earth, leather, and cherry. Will become more demure and complex with time but throughly enjoyable now.

Paired with Strip Steaks and Shitake Demi

1990 Leon Beyer Vendange Tardive - Fat, viscous, and full of honey

Paired with Fig Tart

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Wine the first -- some darn Kerner from the Mosel that Schneier supplied. Tasty, in a grapefruity sort of way and a good match with the salad: field greens with slices of kumquat dressed with olive oil and 2 vinegars: blood orange and ginger/green peppercorn.

Wine the second -- 2000 Zenato Valpolicella Ripasso, a very nice wine with lots of acid to go with the slightly elevated alcohol of the ripasso style. Good match with the soup (shitaakes, white beans, pancetta, celery, etc).

Wine the third -- 1999 Ogier VDP La Rosine, yet another tasty tasty wine. Reminds one strongly of Cote Rotie -- which it should, given that the vineyard is just outside the AOC boundary. Another good match with buffalo stewed in red wine with onions and mushrooms.

--- Lee


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With veal chop, braised artichoke and sundried tomatoes:

San Leonino Chianti Classico Riserva 1997

Villa di Capezzana Carmignano 2000

The chianti was wonderful, but both my husband and I really loved the carmignano. I usually don't go for such big wines, but this was pretty well balanced even though it's young and still a bit chewy.

It was Tuscan night at our local favorite restaurant. We started with a soave that was not remarkable and finished with a slightly sparkling red dessert wine that I can't remember (hey, I'm a lightweight -- after 3 glasses I can't remember much!) but matched well with molten chocolate cake and homemade strawberry ice cream.

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Super Bowl Party at Friend's House

He made sauces - I made the pastas

Spinach papperdelle with roasted garlic alfredo

Veuve Cliquot Brut NV

Traditional Sugo with Pork, Sausage, & meatballs over


1990 Masi Amarone Classico

1988 Prunotto Barolo

1997 Altesino Brunello

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Aberlour A'bunadh. I know it's not wine but damn it goes down smooth.

Drinking while listening to Anne- Sophie Mutter playing Wolfgang Rihm's Gesungene Zeit.

Gettin' a bit heady, may need to put the Shins on instead.

Cheers, "T"

Edited by "T" (log)


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